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Crazy Band - Fuck You

Eraserhead Original Soundtrack #87/300     

It’s a beauty!

Eraserhead Original Soundtrack #87/300

It’s a beauty!

Zombi - Cosmos (Aesthetic Records, 2007)

I got this piece of awesome off of ebay about a month ago for the steal price of 10 bucks.  This is the black vinyl version.  There is a glow in the dark version too.  Wiki/Discogs.

Wooden Shjips - Remixes 12” (Thrill Jockey, 2012)

Ordered this one from the internet.  It’s limited (2,000 for Black).  There are some sweet grooves on this one. Discogs/Wiki.

Foetus - Verklemmt/Be Thankful 7” (Columbia, 1995)

I bought this charmer for 8 bucks (including shipping) on ebay last month.  Foetus is one of my favorite bands.  Check out the wiki/discogs.  I will be posting more Foetus vinyl (and a tape!) in the future.

A side: Verklemmt

B side: Be Thankful

Clams Casino - Intrumentals (Type, 2011)

I had to order this from Bleep for super-expensive shipping (from the UK) on top of the $28 dollar price tag for the album itself.  I ordered a second one if someone is interested in trading.  Its not very easy to find.  These beats are amazing.  If anyone has the Rainforest EP on vinyl and would like to trade it to me, message me, as that one is really a bitch to find in the US.

A1 Motivation 4:28 A2 All I Need 3:44 A3 Real Shit From A Real Nigga 2:56 B1 Realist Alive 4:00 B2 Numb 3:55 B3 What You Doin’ 4:19 C1 The World Needs Change 2:25 C2 I’m Official 2:18 C3 Brainwash By London 2:56 D1 Illest Alive 4:09 D2 She’s Hot 2:56 D3 Cold War 2:50 D4 13 1:19

The Residents feat. Snakefinger - 13th Anniversary Show: Live in Japan (1986, Ralph Records)

I bought this beauty used from the outstanding Mississippi Records in Portland.  It cost 13 bucks.


A1Jailhouse Rock

Written-By – Leiber & Stoller

A2Where Is She?

A3Picnic In The Jungle

Written-By – Snakefinger

A4Monkey & Bunny

Written-By – Renaldo & The Loaf

A5This Is A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Written-By – James Brown

B1Smelly Tongues


B3Easter Woman


B5Red Rider

B6Die In Terror

B7Coming Of The Crow / Eva’s Warning

Written-by [Eva’s Warning] – Snakefinger

B8Cry For The Fire

The Flaming Lips - “Embryonic” (2009, Warner Bros) 2xLP + CD

A1        Convinced Of The Hex    3:57   
A2        The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine    4:14   
A3        Evil    5:38   
A4        Aquarius Sabotage    2:10   
B1        See The Leaves    4:24   
B2        If    2:05   
B3        Gemini Syringes    3:41   
B4        Your Bats    2:35   
B5        Powerless    6:57   
C1        The Ego’s Last Stand    5:40   
C2        I Can Be A Frog    2:14   
C3        Sagittarius Silver Announcement    2:59   
C4        Worm Mountain    5:22   
D1        Scorpio Sword    2:02   
D2        The Impulse    3:30   
D3        Silver Trembling Hands    3:59   
D4        Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast    3:44   
D5        Watching The Planets    5:17   
1        Convinced Of The Hex    3:57   
2        The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine    4:14   
3        Evil    5:38   
4        Aquarius Sabotage    2:10   
5        See The Leaves    4:24   
6        If    2:05   
7        Gemini Syringes    3:41   
8        Your Bats    2:35   
9        Powerless    6:57   
10        The Ego’s Last Stand    5:40   
11        I Can Be A Frog    2:14   
12        Sagittarius Silver Announcement    2:59   
13        Worm Mountain    5:22   
14        Scorpio Sword    2:02   
15        The Impulse    3:30   
16        Silver Trembling Hands    3:59   
17        Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast    3:44   
18        Watching The Planets    5:17   

I bought this brand new from Everyday Music (downtown location) in 2010.  It cost around 23 bucks.  It was worth every penny.

Discogs entry for this release.

2009 Flaming Lips - Watching The Planets from George Salisbury on Vimeo.

This video was shot about 3 blocks from the house I was living in at the time, in Mt. Tabor Park, in PDX. 

Here is an awesome and informative video about this record.

Torche/Boris - “Chapter Ahead Being Fake” (2010, Hydrahead) Split 10”

A Torche King Beef

 B Boris (3) Luna


I scoured the internet trying to find this after it immediately sold out during the pre-sale on Hydrahead's online shop.  I was lucky enough to be on Relapse's site when they added a few copies to their shop and I snagged three copies.  They are beautiful.  Im down to trade a copy if anyone is interested.  If anyone knows what the title of this record is supposed to mean, message me.

Discogs Page for this release.